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Essential for the air we breathe and our well-being. How can we protect it? Our answer to this question is called "The Rainforest Company".

We believe in a future where food production is in harmony with nature. We set a good example in our industry and show how it can be done: we only process raw materials that are harvested sustainably and reward local people appropriately for their work. Fair prices and working conditions are essential for us. Our products are eco-certified, free of refined sugar and additives, vegan - and unique in taste.

We at The Rainforest Company know: that we humans can only thrive in an unspoiled natural environment. We want an earth with clean air, clean water and a healthy eco-system. That's why we take a holistic view of our work and cooperate with scientists from the renowned Crowther Lab at the ETH Zurich. In cooperation with local NGOs, we have planted over 2 million trees and saved over 6 million trees from deforestation. Five cents of every product sold goes to projects that explain to local farmers how to build a profitable business with sustainable forestry: without growing meat and soya - and without cutting down the rainforest. Realizing how we contribute to the protection of our planet with every product sold motivates us every day. With The Rainforest Company, we give back to people and the environment what it gives us: the best organic quality, the purest products and a nature that deserves no compromise. Neither do you. Be worth it to you!


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